Message from top management
1953 Yamashita Shoji Co., Ltd. was established in Kudan, Tokyo
Began sales to Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
1956 Company name was changed to Yamashita Rubber Co., Ltd.
1962 Plant was built at Ooi-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture (now Fujimino-shi)
1968 Head Office was moved from Kudan to Ooi
1973 Mie Plant was built at Anou-cho, Age-gun, Mie Prefecture (now Tsu-shi)
1975 Began production of radiator hoses using YS method
1977 Began production of engine mounts using LS (mold parts continuous vulcanization) method
1984 Technical Center was established
1986 Saitama Plant was built at Kamisato-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture
1987 YUSA Corp. was established in Ohio, USA
1990 Contracted a technical cooperation agreement with Pirelli, Italy
1993 Developed YSL method (Hose vulcanization automatic production method)
1995 Obtained a US patent for YSL method
1996 Obtained a US patent for hydraulic mount structure
Licensing technology to GETOFLEX, Brazil
1997 Y-TEC CO., LTD was established in Prachinburi Prefecture, Thailand
1998 Began sales to Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Began sales to Sanyo Electric
Obtained ISO9002 certification
1999 Technical Center was completed in Saitama Plant site
Y-TEC EUROPA, S.A. was established in Catalonia, Spain
2000 A completed auto test room was completed in Technical Center
Obtained ISO14001 certification
2001 Extension of Technical Center was completed
2002 Quality Assurance Center was established in Technical Center
YAMASHITA RUBBER (Zhongshan) was established in Guangdong, China
Obtained ISO9001 certification
Began sales to Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
2003 50th anniversary of establishment
Obtained ISO9001 certification (2000 edition)
2004 Began sales to Suzuki Motor Corporation
2005 Active Control Mount Line was built in Saitama Plant
Production System Innovation Line began operation
Exhibited our products at the Tokyo Motor Show for the first time
2006 R&D Center was established in YUSA Corp., USA
Contracted technical cooperation agreement with ZF Boge Elastmetall, Germany
2007 Exhibited our products at the Tokyo Motor Show
2010 Spanish Branch of Yamashita Rubber Co., Ltd. was established.
YUSA AUTOPARTS MEXICO was established in Zacatecas, Mexico
2011 Y-TEC INDIA PVT. LTD. was established in Rajasthan State, India.
2013 Y-TEC CO.,LTD.Second Plant was Built at Prachinburi Prefecture, Thailand
PT.Y-TEC AUTOPARTS INDONESIA was established in West Java, Indonesia.
Y-TEC VIETNAM CO., LTD. was established in Haiphong, Vietnam.
Began sales to Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.